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Public Web Browser 3.03

It is a comprehensive web browser for use in public areas (mainly libraries)
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It is a comprehensive web browser for use in public areas (mainly libraries). This program uses the WebBrowser control, found in all versions of Internet Explorer, to handle all the chores of parsing and rendering web pages, so compatibility is not an issue as it is compatible with all programs that were designed with IE in mind.

The program’s user graphic interface is similar to its MS model. PWB was first designed in MS Visual Basic, but now includes C++ code, so it is faster and more robust. PWB is tested to work on all platforms that run MSIE, even IE8 on Vista and Windows 7. The latest versions of PWB also support RSS feeds.

Version 1 of the software is freeware (and is no longer available for public download), but version 2 needs registration. You can use the unregistered V2 with small limitations; however, it will permanently remind you of its condition with an “unregistered” tag on the title bar of the program plus an annoying 10-minute activity timer.

Institutions or individuals can purchase a site license to PWB to customize it to their own browsing needs. PWB can be customized to include the following functions: naming of stations, custom home page, kiosk mode, tools for text editing, buttons, boxes, and tools. You can also disable the right mouse button, local drive access, closing the browser, opening new windows and pop up boxes.

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  • Ability to customize the browser to your requirements


  • Electronic document delivery system feature seems out of place for a browser
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